Tata PRI Line

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Any organisation, whether large or small, would benefit immensely by using PRI Lines for local/inter-state voice communication. What more, PRI lines can also be used for video conferencing thereby making them the best multi-utility option for enterprise voice and video services.

PRI Lines are end-to-end digital lines that help you connect to PSTN network and provide 30 simultaneous channels for voice communication. Service provider terminates PRI line directly to an EPABX system with an empty PRI card slot and a PRI card, both of which are easily available in the market from EPABX manufacturers/vendors.

Once the PRI line is connected, you can make local, inter-state and even international voice calls directly from all the phones that are connected to your EPABX.

Tata PRI offered

While there are plenty of advantages offered by even a single PRI line, here are the main aspects:

  • Cost effectiveness because one PRI connection can take all the load of 30 separate lines. This means lower rentals and simpler management of your telecom landscape,
  • Additional features such as caller ID, call hunting and even direct inward dialing can be delivered by PRI Line.
  • Faster connectivity when it comes to making telephone calls,
  • Flexibility because your service provider can “play around” with not just your requirements of data and voice transmission but also the number of lines that you need to use.

Tata Since it is capable of providing massive levels of data transmission capability, generally PRI gets implemented or deployed by large-scale business organizations or enterprises. This Tata allows them to use the 24 channels rather flexibly and split up between needs such as:

  • Data transmission
  • Voice transmission and even
  • Video conferencing facilities